Aims & Objectives

The aim of the Partnership is to build strong communities by placing all local people at the heart of planning local services and improving life in Epping Forest.

This will be achieved by:

  • Preparing and ensuring the implementation of a Sustainable Community Strategy for the District, identifying visions and key priorities, monitoring progress annually, and keeping the strategy up-to-date.
  • Ensuring that working through One Epping Forest brings 'added value' to the work of partners and helps achieve things that partners could not achieve working alone.
  • Working with the Essex Partnership to improve outcomes in the Epping Forest District through Essex's Local Area Agreement.
  • Developing an active relationship between the Sustainable Community Strategies and the Local Development Framework, and using both to mutual advantage in achieving sustainable communities.
  • Bringing together local plans, partnerships and initiatives to provide a forum through which the public, private, voluntary and community sectors can work effectively together to meet local needs and priorities.
  • Ensuring the strategies of the partnerships belonging to One Epping Forest align with the Sustainable Community Strategy and contribute to the "well-being" of the District.
  • Promoting the engagement of all Epping Forest's people and communities in decisions about the future of the District.
  • Working to ensure that the views of traditionally under represented and hard to reach groups are obtained.
  • Encouraging and supporting the equal involvement of all partners.
  • Working to ensure that partner organisations adopt the Partnership's aims and objectives and endeavour to implement them within and through their own organisations.
  • Identifying, commenting and lobbying on issues of importance to Epping Forest at local, county, regional, national and European levels.
  • Undertaking an ambassadorial role for the District and promote the image of Epping Forest outside its boundaries.


1. Officers of the Partnership

There will be a Chair and Vice Chair of the Partnership, elected by the members of One Epping Forest every 2 years and responsible for chairing meetings, drawing up agendas and representing One Epping Forest as appropriate. The day to day management of the partnership (including overseeing the One Epping Forest budget) will be the responsibility of the One Epping Forest Manager supported by the Admin Team.

2. Criteria for membership of Board

Members of the One Epping Forest Board will be:

  • An executive or elected official of the organisation they represent
  • From organisations that operate within the Epping Forest District
  • From public, private or voluntary organisations, or other partnerships that further public interest
  • Supported for membership by a simple majority of the One Epping Forest Board by recommendation and endorsement from the Steering Group.

3. Our expectations of members

Generally, members of One Epping Forest are expected to live, work or trade in the District. They should be at Chief Executive level or their nominated representative and therefore have sufficient authority to speak for their organisations and partnerships. It is essential that they are able to demonstrate a commitment to Epping Forest. At the One Epping Forest meetings they must consider "What is best for Epping Forest District?"

Members are expected to challenge and support each other, display consistency and respect confidentiality. They must be focused and strategic.

The membership seeks to be inclusive and flexible, reflecting the objectives of One Epping Forest and the key challenges facing the district.. The size needs to be manageable, enabling members to make an effective contribution, develop trust and team working.

There are members of the board from a variety of District-wide organisations and key strategic partnerships. The Board will have a collective responsibility for its work. Decisions on admitting new members to, or on members leaving, One Epping Forest, will take into account the value they bring to One Epping Forest, their influence, resources, expertise and knowledge.

4. Current membership is drawn from the following partnerships and organisations.

Members are nominated by the relevant organisation or partnership. Substitutes for individuals meetings will be allowed if they are notified in advance and carry the authority of the member.

Generally groups will be represented through the partnerships set out below, and will be encouraged to participate in working groups of One Epping Forest.

The partners as of June 2011 are as set out below:

Epping Forest District Council
Representatives: Cllr Lesley Wagland, Cllr John Philip

West Essex Primary Care Trust
Representative : Dr. Pam Hall

Epping Forest Local Council
Cllr Brian Surtees

Epping Forest Youth Council
Representatives: Annalisa Armitage, Gabriella Erratt, Scarlett Stock

14 - 19 Area Planning Group
Representative: Geoff Mangan

Essex Police Authority
Representative: Cllr Anthony Jackson

Essex County Council
Representative: Cllr Valerie Metcalfe
Deputy: Yvette Wetton

Voluntary Action Epping Forest
Representative: Jacqui Foile
Deputy: Charlotte Copping

Epping Forest College
Representative: Jeannie Wright
Deputy: Quentin Buller

Essex Police
Representative: Chief Supt. Simon Williams

Essex Fire & Rescue Service
Representative: Mark Samuels

City of London
Representative: Paul Thomson

Local Business
Representative: Vacant

Lea Valley Regional Park Authority
Representative: Simon Wilkinson

Multi Faith Forum
Representatives: Cllr Ann Haigh

Job Centre Plus
Representative: Sue Wainwright

Children & Young People
Representative: Julie Chandler

Federation of Small Business
Representative: Keith Brown

5. Members of the LSP steering group will be:

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • The Chairman of each of the LSP's theme groups i.e. Children & Young People, Healthier Communities, Safer & Stronger Communities and Sustainable Communities.
  • It will also include chairs of any Task & Finish Teams set up by the LSP Board.

6. Decision Making

The full board of the Epping Forest Strategic Partnership will meet quarterly. The dates where possible will be set in advance. The meetings will be held in public but agendas will have the facility to exclude the press and public for discussion on confidential matters at the end of business. The One Epping Forest Board will make regular provision for webcasting of meetings. In addition, steering group meetings and action group meetings will be held in private session.

The quorum for a meeting will be a third of the membership. Agendas will be sent out a minimum of seven days before the meeting. Minutes of the meeting will be circulated to members within ten working days after the meeting.

In cases and discussions requiring a vote, each organisation will be entitled to one vote. This will usually be their named representative or nominated official.

Members of One Epping Forest will be expected to declare any pecuniary or other interest which could have an impact on the decision making process.

7. Support

One Epping Forest requires support to operate effectively. Epping Forest District Council, West Essex Primary Care Trust, Essex County Council and Essex Police will contribute towards the cost of providing administrative and organisational support to the partnership. Other organisations will endeavour to contribute towards the costs of operating the partnership.

8. Working groups

Where partnerships or working groups do not already exist, it will be necessary to set-up time limited Task and Finish Teams for specific pieces of work, within Terms of Reference determined by the Board. This work will be co-ordinated by the One Epping Forest Steering Group, with activity reports being presented to the quarterly meetings of the Board.

The chair will also be able to commission work in between meetings of the One Epping Forest and will report any such action at the next meeting.

9. Communication

One Epping Forest will have its own website, with links to all partners websites. This will contain information on current issues, consultations, the community strategy, reports on meetings and contact details for members and One Epping Forest..

It will be part of the role of the One Epping Forest Manager to raise awareness of the work of the partnership with the support of all members of the One Epping Forest Board. To this end a One Epping Forest Communications Strategy setting out how this will be achieved will be drawn up and agreed by the Board.

10. Consultation and Community Involvement

The Epping Forest Community Conference will be held once a year to bring together all those interested to contribute to the planning and prioritisation of the board and the Community Strategy.

One Epping Forest will also seek to co-ordinate and maximise the use of existing consultation processes.. Wherever possible all partnerships will consider combining consultations.

11. Accountability

One Epping Forest is the local strategic partnership body for Epping Forest. As such it is accountable to the people of Epping Forest in the following ways:

  • Representation on One Epping Forest from key stakeholders
  • Consultation with the local community on the development and review of the Sustainable Community Strategy
  • Reporting back to the District on progress on an annual basis and regular communication through the website and the local press in an honest manner
  • The use of key performance indicators to measure progress and achievements

12. Diversity and Social Inclusion

One Epping Forest will seek to ensure that its membership and work adhere to equality, diversity, sustainability and social inclusion values.

13. Review

The content of this constitution will be reviewed as necessary, but at least annually, to ensure they remain relevant to the working of the Partnership.

14. Compliments and Complaints Procedure

The Compliments and Complaints Procedure is currently being updated.



Local Government Act 2000 - Council required to prepare comprehensive community strategy with local strategic partnership and to fully involve local people in this process.

December 2002
LSP Board formed from members of Epping Forest Community Agencies Partnership.

March 2003
Production of the draft Epping Forest District Community Strategy began.

May 2003
Community Strategy & Partnerships Manager recruited.

Summer 2003
Consultation began on draft Community Strategy - sent out to households, libraries etc., evening consultation meetings held across the district, LSP stall at local market

October 2003
Epping Forest Community Consultation Event held.

November 2003
Production of the Epping Forest District Community Strategy began.

March 2004
LSP held away day to agree partnership structure, membership and action planning. Action Group Chairs elected. Epping Forest District Community Strategy launched.

Summer 2004
Action Groups held first meetings.

September 2004
First meeting of LSP Steering Group.

October 2004
Epping Forest District Community Conference held. Work began on Action Plans.

March 2005
Epping Forest Youth Community Challenge Event held.

April 2005
LSP held away day to review the effectiveness of the partnership. Work began on Partnership Improvement Plan.

May 2005
Action Plans and Partnership Improvement Plan finalised.

June 2005
Children & Young People's Partnership join LSP. Getting About network lunch held. Communications Group formed.

September 2005
Two new members elected to LSP Board representing the Business Sector and Faith Community.

October 2005
Epping Forest District Community Conference held.

November 2005
Action Plans annual review took place.

March 2006
Essex's Local Area Agreement signed off. LAA targets adopted by LSP.

April 2006
LSP Youth Survey completed, report issued to stakeholders. LSP held second annual away day to review effectiveness of partnership and identify new targets.

June 2006
New LSP Chair elected.

September 2006
LSP Board voted to incorporate the Children & Young People's Strategic Partnership into the LSP.

October 2006
LSP held public consultation event - 'Solve-It! Epping Forest'.

April 2007
LSP away day held.

May 2007
First meeting of Epping Forest Multi Faith Forum took place.

October 2007
LSP held Community Conference - 'In Touch With Tomorrow: First Steps Towards A SCS'

July 2008
New Admin Officer appointed

Oct 2008
Special LSP Board Away Day held to make recommendations on the way the LSP should work

Dec 2008
LSP Board agrees major revisions to how it does its business, agreeing 4 fixed theme groups and a task and finish model for its work

Jan 2009
LSP Manager takes up post. Recruitment to LSP Admin Team completed.
LSP secures a grant of £453,000 to support its projects

Feb 2009
Two new Task & Finish Teams established to examine the impact of the Credit Crunch

Apr 2009
Work begins on new data profile of the district with support from Essex County Council

May 2009
The Partnership hosts an EERA Skills and Worklessness event

Jun 2009
First webcast of One Epping Forest Board meetings
Briefing produced to keep partners informed of activity

Aug 2009
First meeting held of leaders of Partnerships from Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford to look at opportunities for better working across all three areas

Sep 2009
Task and Finish Teams on Tackling the Credit Crunch and Improving Communications report back to the Partnership
New website launched and the Partnership becomes One Epping Forest
Major community consultation exercise on Sustainable Community Strategy begun involving article in Forester, leaflet distribution and an online survey

Oct 2009
The Partnership of West Essex partnerships submits bid for over £1million on behalf of 30 local organisations to government Future Jobs Fund initiatives

Nov 2009
West Essex Future Jobs Fund Bid succeeds one of only two in the eastern region approved by central government in this bidding round. Bid provides opportunities for almost 160 young people across West Essex to access funded posts with a wide variety of local agencies. Consultation on Sustainable Community Strategy finishes, over 800 responses received from local people / groups

Dec 2009
The annual Stakeholder Conference was held at Theydon Bois Village Hall. It was attended by over 100 delegates looking at developing a new Community Strategy and reviewing the priorities of the partnership.

Jan 2010
The first of over 170 Future Jobs Fund trainees take up posts with 25 local organisations.

May 2010
The first LSP annual report published, containing details of key partnership achievements.

June 2010
The first West Essex Primary Prize scheme was launched. The scheme recognised the achievements of Primary School children in over 30 schools across West Essex.

The final phase of consultation on the new Community Strategy begun.

December 2010
The new Community Strategy was formally adopted by Epping Forest District Council. The Strategy sets out the key objectives and long term vision for partnership work in the district.

February 2011
Communities and Local Government Minister Eric Pickles was the keynote speaker at the recent One Epping Forest Annual Stakeholder Conference. The theme of his speech was the Big Society. The Conference was hosted by Epping Forest College and over 100 delegates from private, public and voluntary groups came together to look at new opportunities for joint working and developing the Big Society locally.

Key Roles In The Partnership

The Key Roles In The Partnership is available for download as a PDF file: Key Roles in the Partnership.pdf

Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files, if you do not have it installed it can be obtained be clicking here. (Link will open Adobe's website in a new browser window)

Contact Details

One Epping Forest
Homefield House
Civic Offices
High Street
CM16 4BZ

LSP Manager: John Houston

David Wright and Colin Rowell
LSP Admin Support Officers
Tel: 01992 564454

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