Members have previously expressed concern at the Board’s lack of public profile. There is clearly little public understanding of its role and remit, and there is little evidence of the Board effectively celebrating its success, which would also help to increase public awareness and accountability. While everyone acknowledges a joint responsibility to keep the public, key stakeholders and other elements of government aware of what the Board is doing there are few effective mechanisms in place for doing so. It is suggested that a small Task and Finish team is established, lead by the LSP Manager, to review current performance and produce a new communications strategy for the Board to drive forward work in this area. Key areas of investigation to include:

  • ‘Branding’, name and logo, including a new ‘strapline’;
  • Development of the website, including dynamic content, hosting and updating;
  • Identification of target audiences;
  • Production of an Annual Report, and introductory leaflet;
  • Potential for joint consultation, newsletter / magazine, other publications;
  • Production of displays, exhibitions and other publicity products;
  • Press release targets for the Board, Theme Groups etc.

The Communications Task & Finish Team has completed its review. Its recommendations have been agreed and accepted by the Board.

Theme Group Reports

The Communications Task & Finish Team report can be downloaded as a PDF. Please click on the link below

Communications Task & Finish Team Final Report


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