Credit Crunch

The deteriorating economic situation is clearly a major issue for local communities and local service providers. Correlations have been evident in the past with severe economic downturn, leading to increases in unemployment, business failures etc which impact directly on the health and well being of local communities and the public services that support them. In particular, negative impacts on health and increases in crime, falling employment rates and increasing homelessness due to raising repossession levels might well be assumed to flow from the current downturn. Epping Forest in particular has a sizeable number of residents employed in the financial sector. This has accounted for a significant proportion of employment growth over recent years, leaving the area particularly vulnerable to a contraction in this sector of the economy. The Partnership may wish to establish a Task and Finish Team to review the nature and extent of the impact of the downturn in this area, working with local expert groups and academic institutions, to produce recommendations to the Board. These could assess how the local economy and employment might best be supported and how the partners should invest in, or change the focus of, public services to better support local residents.

The Credit Crunch Task and Finish Team has completed its review. Its recommendations have been agreed and accepted by the Board.

Theme Group Reports

The Credit Crunch Task & Finish Team report can be downloaded as a PDF. Please click on the link below.

Credit Crunch Task & Finish Team Final Report

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