Community Strategy

Set out in the Community Strategy document agreed in 2010 is the long term Strategy for the Epping Forest District drawn up jointly by all the key agencies working in the District.

All the statutory and non-statutory agencies in Epping Forest are committed to developing and implementing this new Strategy.

The Partnership carried out extensive consultation with our residents and stakeholders to produce this plan. The Strategy covers several years, but we will also be publishing detailed objectives to meet the new goals it will contain. The responsibility for delivering the objectives will be clearly identified. This will enable the public to whom we are all accountable, and the agencies themselves to check how well the objectives are met.

The new Strategy aims to be a practical blueprint for the long-term development of the district and deliver real year on year improvements to the Community.

The Community Strategy document is available here as a PDF file. Please note that this is a fairly large document, so please be patient while it is displayed. Thank you

Action Plan

Awaiting agreement of the new strategy to establish final Action Plans

Corporate Strategy Tool

The Council publishes a range of documents setting out its corporate plans and priorities over the short and medium-term. Using our innovative and interactive Corporate Strategy Tool, you can now explore how each of our aims, objectives and indicators relate to each other. You can also see which directorates and portfolios of the Council link to each other as well as which of our aims, objectives and indicators their work contributes towards.

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