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Epping Forest Children's Partnership

Epping Forest Children's Partnership (EFCP) brings together all key local organisations that provide children's services and encourages them to work together.
The Partnership is part of One Epping Forest - the Local Strategic Partnership and is chaired by Julie Chandler of the District Council.

The key purpose of EFCP is to identify the varied needs of Epping Forest's children, young people and their families and to address these needs through improving coordination and developing services.
The Partnership represents Epping Forest's children, young people and families at the West Essex Children's Trust Board, which is the new area partnership body to service planning and commissioning.
EFCP aims to ensure that the unique needs and often hidden issues of deprivation and disadvantage in the Epping Forest District are recognised and addressed.

As part of the "Every Child Matters" agenda and in line with the Essex Children and Young People's Plan, the Partnership aims to improve the lives of children and young people in the Epping Forest District through prioritising need and directing interventions and activities accordingly.

Epping Forest Children's Partnership Terms of Reference

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Epping Forest Children's Partnership Members

Chairman:Julie Chandler

Asst. Director Community Services and Customer Relations


Patrick Arnold Voluntary Action Epping Forest

Gerry Billington Epping Forest College

Paula Brown Extended Services - EFR

Kerry Green Integrated Youth Services

Ann Haigh Epping Forest Multi Faith Forum

Chris Holmes Healthier Schools

Sarah Hurwood EFR LDG

Judith Lunn Alderton Junior School

Helen Russell-Grant Essex County Council

Jackie Scott EFS LDG

James Shelton Essex Police

Morag Strycharczyk West Essex Community Health Services

Cllr Lesley Wagland Epping Forest District Council

Gill Wallis Epping Forest District Council

James Warwick Epping Forest District Council



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'Epping Forest Youth Futures' Young Peoples' Charter

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Children's Trust Online

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EFCP produces regular Newsletters providing information on recent activities of the Partnership. To view a newsletter please choose from the list below.

Issue 3 - Sept 2009
Issue 4 - Jan 2010